Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Story telling Pinokio


Once upon a time there are a poor old wood carver named gepeto one day he was making a puppet from a tree branch, “you shall be my little boy and I shall call you  pinokio” said gepeto, he worked very hard carving each detail. After he finished the puppet he was very shock because the puppet just talk to him, “you can talk?!” gepeto surprised “of course I can silly, you give me a mouth to talk with” answered pinokio .gepeto was very happy, and he said to pinokio that he will have a normal life just like a normal boy , including school  

The next day on the way to school pinokio  stoped to see a puppet show,
“I  can  dance better than that” he said ,quickly he climbed on to the stage, at first the puppet master didn’t like pinokio but when he saw that the crowd love him, he just ;let pinokio stay, at thev end of the show, the puppet master gave pinokio five copper coins and tell him to go straight home,

On the way home pinokio met a lame fox and a blind cat, knowing that pinokio had money they pretend to be his friend, they trick pinokio to put his money under a tree, they said to him that the money will become gold . after a while the fox and the cat that weren’t really lame and blind quickly snuck away and disguised themselves as thieves, when pinokio start digging the money, they pounced on him. “Give us the money” They ordered, just then pinokio guardian the blue fairy  sent her dog rufus to chase the fox and the cat, and then she take pinokio back to   her castle

“Why didn’t you go to school today”said the blue fairy, “I did” answered pinokio , just then his nose started to shot out like a tree branch, pinokio was surprised and very sad, the fairy said that every time you tell a lie his nose will grow but if he tell the truth it will shrink, and she said that pinokio will bw a real boy if he learn how to be brave, generous and honest, then she tolld him to go home and not stop for any reason

Not verry long before pinokio met some boys, the boys said that he know a place to have fun, so pinokio followed the boy. The boy  take pinokio to a circuses but they doesn’t know that if you are bad you will be turned into donkeys and trained for the circuses
Not verry long before they turned into donkeys, but because pinokio was made from a tree branches he doesn’t changed completely, so the circus master throw him into the sea,

after pinokio swam for a long time a whale ate him, he was very scared ,then he heard a voice from inside the whale stomach echoing it turn out that  the voice was from gepeto, gepeto was looking for pinokio. Then pinokio helped gepeto to make a raft, when the raft was finished pinokio tell a lie so that his nose will grow to tickle the whale, when the whale sneezes it blow them out of his stomach

Home at last pinokio was very happy, and he remembered what the blue fairy had told him, the next  morning pinokio came running down the steeps, jumping and wafing his arms he ran to gepeto and shouted “look father, I’m a real boy”

The End 

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